The Best Crypto Trading Bots

Professional Tools To Automate Your Crypto Trading Strategies.

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Cryptohopper Crypto Trading Bot Logo

Cryptohopper is one of the first crypto trading bots based completely in the cloud, which means there is no need to deal with any installation process or worry about connection issues. This tool is feature packed with several automated trading strategies, detailed reporting, and a complete backtester to help you optimize your strategy to yield the most profit.

Cryptohopper Crypto Trading Bot Dashboard
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Crypto Trader Backtest Mockup

CryptoTrader is another cloud-based platform built to trade across multiple exchanges. CryptoTrader allows you to develop and backtest your own trading strategies using popular technical analysis libraries. It also includes a strategy marketplace that lets you test and configure dozens of other strategies.

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Crypto Trading Bot Gunbot Logo

Gunbot is one of the most powerful crypto trading bots currently on the market. It comes with over 30 automated trading strategies that can be customized and ran across multiple exchanges. Gunbot also has an advanced charting tool that integrates with TradingView to give you live profit updates.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Bot Dashboard
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