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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try CryptoTrader.Tax before paying?

Yes! CryptoTrader.Tax lets you import your trading history history and crypto income for free. You only have to pay when you want to view and download your full report.

How does CryptoTrader.Tax's pricing work?

We offer a flat-rate purchase of $39.99 per tax season. This means that once you purchase a report for the 2018 tax season, you can create unlimited reports and revisions for that year.

How secure is this site?

We use SSL encryption on every single web page to ensure your data stays private.

How do I pay for CryptoTrader.Tax?

You can purchase your report with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. SSL encryption and Level 1 PCI compliance ensures that your data stays secure.

Can I export my reports?

Yes! CryptoTrader.Tax allows you to export and download all of your trading data and tax reports, including the IRS Form 8949.

What happens if I stop using this tool?

We will keep your existing report data safe and sound. If you wish to close your account, just email us here:

What Our Customers Have To Say

"I made over 600 trades this year and needed expert advice, convenience, and help preparing my crypto taxes. I was fortunate to find CryptoTrader.Tax because it took me less than an hour to sign up, enter my transactions, and have a polished report. The price allowed me to keep my profits in my pockets, and provided accurate, speedy service.

CryptoTrader.Tax helped me minimize my tax liability and provided 100% transparent documentation. The report buying and creation was very easy, and the update feature provides tremendous value over time!"

- Adam A

"As an amateur cryptocurrency investor, I made 20+ trades across multiple exchanges in 2018. I was dreading reconciling fair USD rates for each trade. Enter CryptoTrader.Tax. The platform is intuitive to use and the trade import feature worked perfectly.

I'd recommend this platform for anyone who trades crypto and wants to make sure their audit trail is covered. I'm looking forward to importing my tax report directly into TurboTax for this year's return."

- Mike H

"CryptoTrader.Tax was a quick and efficient way to calculate gains and losses on my crypto trades. The software has a thorough system built in to catch accounting errors and as a result can help save a lot of money. Support was quick and friendly. Couldn't recommend CryptoTrader.Tax more!"

- Jackson R

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